At Farrah’s, we love to hear from our customers. The following are some of the questions we get asked most often, with answers. But if you have any other questions please contact us.

About our wraps and tortillas

Are all of your wraps and tortillas made in New Zealand?

Yes, all of Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas are proudly made at our world-class facility in Upper Hutt, Wellington. Also, where possible, we work with other NZ made products and suppliers. For example, our flour is milled locally (just down the road), our bags are made in Christchurch, and the boxes our wraps and tortillas get shipped in are made in Levin. We get a real buzz from the great relationships we have with the people we do business with, and it’s even better to know we are supporting other NZ businesses, jobs, innovators and communities.
How are Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas made?

Our master mixers begin the art of the baking process by batch mixing all the ingredients to ensure we always create a perfect soft and silky dough. The dough is then gently divided and shaped into precise round balls, essential for that perfectly round wrap/tortilla. The dough balls are proofed under tightly controlled temperature and humidity throughout the different seasons before being individually formed into wraps or tortillas. Staying true to traditions we bake each side of the wrap/tortilla over an open flame oven, just like the Aztecs did in Mexico all those years ago. After cooling, the wraps/tortillas undergo a series of strict quality checks to ensure your Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas reach you in premium condition.
Why don’t Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas crack or split when rolled?

It’s a combination of our recipes and how we make them. 
Importantly, each wrap/tortilla is made from a single dough ball which gets individually formed into a wrap. That means we never rework or reuse any dough, helping create a stronger and more pliable wrap or tortilla. 

We pride ourselves on making world class wraps and tortillas. So if you are unhappy with how your wraps or tortillas have performed, please see ‘The Farrah’s Promise’ guarantee on the back of the packaging.
What is the difference between Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas?

Farrah’s Wraps are versatile and can be used straight from the pack, grilled or baked for a wide variety of wrap recipes. The Original Range (plain wraps) come in 3 different sizes (8", 10", and 12"). We also have 3 flavoured wraps in our range – Sundried Tomato (10" and 12"), Spinach Pesto (10" and 12"), and Mixed Grain (12"). They’re strong and pliable perfect for sandwich wraps. The different flavours will add interest and excitement to your menu or cabinet. Use the colours to distinguish between fillings or vegetarian options.

Farrah’s Tortillas come in traditional Mexican sizes 6", 8", 10.5", and 12". They’re more leavened, lighter and fluffier than our Wraps Range. Tortillas are traditionally warmed before serving although Farrah’s Tortillas can also be used straight from the pack. Perfect for traditional Mexican meals – from soft tacos and taquitos to burritos and quesadillas. 

Do you make gluten free wraps or tortillas?

Not at the moment. Our wraps and tortillas are all made with wheat flour, however we are always exploring what new products to make next...
Are your wraps and tortillas suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, all of Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We have no animal products on our site and you will find symbols to represent Vegan and Vegetarian suitability on the back of our packaging.
Are your wraps and tortillas Halal?

Yes, all of Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas are Halal certified by the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand inc. (FIANZ). You’ll find a Halal symbol on the back of our packaging.
Is the Emulsifier 471 in your wraps and tortillas from vegetable or animal origin?

Emulsifier 471 in our wraps and tortillas is a plant based ingredient. All of our products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, and are Halal certified.
How many wraps/tortillas are in a packet of Farrah’s Wraps/Tortillas?

All our Foodservice wraps and tortillas come in packets of 12.

Where can I find the Best Before Date on your packets?

You can find the Best Before Date along the front right-hand side of the packet.
What is ‘The Farrah’s Promise?’

If your Farrah’s Wraps or Tortillas don’t perform as promised, we’ll give you a full product replacement or a refund, guaranteed!

Getting the best from your Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas

Where should I store Farrah’s Wraps/Tortillas?

For best results keep the packet sealed airtight and store at room temperature in a dry place out of direct sunlight, such as in your dry store. Consume within 5 days of opening. 

Wraps/Tortillas can also be frozen for up to 3 months (freeze flat so that you can use one wrap at a time). Thaw at room temperature before use and consume within 5 days of thawing. 
Can I store my wraps/tortillas in the chiller?

Yes, you can, but it’s not recommended. The chiller can make your wraps/tortillas harden and less flexible than you would like. The chiller can also cause moisture to migrate to the middle which can make the wraps/tortillas stick together. We recommend Farrah’s Wraps/Tortillas are best stored at room temperature in the pantry and away from direct sunlight.
How long will my wraps/tortillas stay fresh?

Your wraps will remain fresh until the Best Before Date on the packet, if they have been unopened. Once they are opened we recommend you use them within 5 days. Our Wraps Range have a useful resealable zip-lock to keep air out of the packet and the wraps fresher and softer.

Do I need to heat Farrah’s Wraps/Tortillas before serving/eating them?

No. Farrah’s Wraps/Tortillas are soft and pliable, and taste great eaten straight from the packet.

You can warm them if you wish, in a frying pan, a sandwich press or a microwave. You’ll find full heating instructions on the back of our packaging. If you want to make a burrito with lots of fillings, sometimes briefly heating the wrap/tortilla will give you more flexibility and stretch, allowing you to encase all of your tasty fillings.
What else can I do with wraps/tortillas other than make sandwiches?

There are many things you can make with Farrah’s Wraps and Tortillas. Fill them, fold them, roll them, wrap them, shape them, fry them, bake them, stack them, grill them or dip them! Visit our Recipes Ideas or Resources page for inspirational ideas.


Where can I buy Farrah’s Wraps/Tortillas?

Our wraps/tortillas are available from foodservice distributors nationwide. Some distributors may not stock the full range of Farrah’s, please contact us if your distributor doesn’t stock what you require so we can assist with your request.
Can I purchase Farrah’s Wraps/Tortillas by either the packet or the carton?

Our wraps/tortillas are available for purchase either by the packet or carton from your preferred foodservice distributor.

Where can I purchase Farrah’s Tortilla Wrap Bake Tins?

Farrah’s Bake Tins are a hit when serving salads and other meals. They add excitement and inspiration to meals.

Use your baked wrap baskets for cold or hot food, from Mexican tostada salad bowls, to soups, curries and fresh salads. Farrah’s Bake Tins come in a set of two quality non-stick coated tins, and they are only available direct through Farrah’s. Please contact us for further information.